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Thursday, March 13, 2014

cats in love, late 17th c

Thomas Flatman reality checks romance with the lords of the rooftops, 1686:

An Appeal to Cats in the business of Love,

Ye Cats that at midnight spit love at each other, 
Who best feel the pangs of a passionate Lover, 
I appeal to your scratches, and your tattered furr, 
If the business of Love be no more than to Purr. 
Old Lady Grimalkin with her Gooseberry eyes, 
Knew something when a Kitten, for why she was wise; 
You find by experience the Love fit's soon o'r, 
Puss! Puss! lasts not long.but turns to Cat-whore
     Men ride many Miles, 
     Cats tread many Tiles, 
     Both hazard their necks in the Fray, 
     Only Cats, when they fall 
     From a House, or a Wall, 
     Keep their feet, mount their Tails, and away.

-- Thomas Flatman, Poems and Songs (London: Printed for Benjamin Tooke, 1686), p. 122.

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