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Thursday, April 17, 2014

a cat wigs out...of town

From a chatty volume of anecdotes dating from 1830's London, a story about a cat who found a hopefully comfortable way to travel.  (I personally hope the creature got spoiled thereafter as she deserved.)
* * *
Cat Anecdote.—During Sergeant Talfourd's recent sojourn at Shrewsbury Assizes, a cat was very fond of the learned counsellor's room. His clerk, while packing up, had occasion to leave one of the trunks open, and in the hurry of departure closed it suddenly, and corded it for the journey. On arriving at Hereford, a strange noise was heard to proceed apparently from one of the trunks. The clerk proceeded to open it, when, lo! out jumped the identical cat of Shrewsbury memory, which, on further examination, it appeared, had deposited "a batch of fine young kittens" in the learned sergeant's wig.—Hereford Journal.

--The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, vol. 21, Reuben Percy & John Timbs, editors (J. Limbird, 1833) p. 304

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parlance said...

I hope she was able to bring up her babies happily and in good health in the new home.