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Monday, April 21, 2014

a dog-paced trip to the country

thanks wikimedia commons (PD: old; PD:US)
On a Country Outing (Partie de campagne) the woman's got the reins of the situation, but she's taking it slow.  I can tell because the dog is loping along behind, even though there's room in the cart.  This sunny, tenderly tinted lithograph of 1897 shows a sweeter side of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.  Here he shows us the open promise of a smooth road ahead, a gently-paced getaway to share with friends of the two and four footed kind.  Do notice how well-observed the cart is, and how nimble the lines are which make up its structure.  Look also at how line is used to show the soft flowing fur of the dog as he moves forward.  Delicate lines in both cases, but adapted just so for each use.

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