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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

some useful and amusing pet infographics

thanks vintageimages.org.  i've been wanting to use this one forever.
You know how you're always trying to remember whatever that frequency is at which cats purr?  It's a range from 20 to 140 Hz (hertz).  That finally stuck in my head thanks to this infographic on all the swell things cat purrs can do for you.
Meanwhile, here I learn (among lots of other things)  that 16% of dog owners bought a house or a car with the family dog in mind.  (One of our cars at the Museum actually was.  The porta-kennel fit in the back.)
Do you even remember a world without lolcats?
Do you know the human/dog bond goes gene deep?
Woof vs. Meow:  wait till you see where Paul McCartney and George Harrison show up in this.

Bonus that has nothing to do with anything else here: Construct the perfect s'more.

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