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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

let's celebrate four footed soldiers today too

Air Raid Precautions Dog at work in Poplar, London, England, 1941
Air Raid Precautions dog 'Rip' sits on top of a pile of brick rubble and timber, following an air raid in Poplar, London.
thanks wikimedia commons PD-scan
Chips raided a sniper nest in Sicily and was supposed to get two medals.
Smoky was a Yorkie who dragged a telecommunications cable through a 60-foot tunnel.
Nemo protected his handler with his own wounded body till they were both rescued (and made full recoveries).
Those are just three of the heroes whose photos you'll see in this great article forwarded to me by Museum friend Krista J. Be sure and clink the link at the bottom for another well-illustrated article on dog soldiers.

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