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Saturday, May 10, 2014

two capital cats

thanks wikimedia commons user JJ55 for the worldwide PD status on your photo
Here's a couple of triumphant cats with their prey on a stone capital from Millstatt Abbey in Austria.  The abbey was founded in 1070, but built during the 1100's.  It's a treasure of the Romanesque style, which means the building has a massive yet graceful feel and relief sculpture plays an important role in illustrating ideas and stories for the faithful.  I'm fond of Romanesque's human scale and its evolving pictorial faithfulness - you can see that in these cats, with their funny big heads and proud smiles.  You can't miss them, and that's part of the point of Romanesque style.  What I would like to know is what they were meant to portray:  the danger of women's wiles as they hunt saintly monk-folk? So far that's my most educated guess.
Want to see Millstatt Abbey's website?  It's here and you can translate it from German.
(Just for fun, here's my favorite Romanesque church.)

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