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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ship cat

image and detail copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
No, not a ship's cat, a ship cat, as created in this delightful print by Spanish artist Carlos C. Lainez.  Here's a detail:

I loved the sensitive, curious, calm look on the cat's face.  (I was also reminded of what must be the classic cat-as-transport: Totoro's jolly Catbus, anyone?)  What also engaged me was the flawless sense of belonging.  None of the little boats are panicking; no one seems to find it odd that a giant kitty-liner is sailing by.
Though I found this on Carlos's Etsy shop, I noticed that this piece is included in a book called Tales of Cats.  I don't read Spanish, but I did do a search on his blog and I think I have found more about this.  Or perhaps it's another book?  I'd love to know. (Edit: Carlos offered me this link to help!)

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