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Monday, June 16, 2014

sinuous siamese from sofie skein

image copyright and by kindest courtesy of the artist
Sofie Skein-Hall's Etsy shop is called "Bonjour Poupette."  Her artist's statement explains it perfectly, so I offer it here:
"Bonjour Poupette" could be translated as "Hello Little One" but it means that you are recognized and loved, right now, for all that you are. . .
I began making Poupettes in honor of all things vulnerable and brave at a time in my life when I felt very much alone and afraid. They reminded me to pay attention to the things that made my heart smile and that I was never truly alone, no matter what.
Sofie lives and works on the Oregon Coast, and in this wide and grand setting creates little sculptures of an Art Deco-like grace and delicacy.  This takes skill, patience, and a solid ability to translate living forms into the most beautiful lines possible.  Have a look at her Honey Badger (complete with snake!), and here is my own favorite: Ghost Cat.  

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