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Sunday, August 03, 2014

fur royalty in pencil, tacoma and the world

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Angela Jossy lives and loves Tacoma, WA.  Her business cards say "Duchess of Downtown Tacoma" and she created the ART BUS tour experience (there's games and prizes!) for the city's Third Thursday studio visits.  54 pencil portraits of her favorite fellow human Tacomans are now a cool deck of cards.  Last but very much not least, she also portrays our four-footed fellow citizens. Here's one, in colored pencil layered into beseeching eyes and a richly wrinkled muzzle.  This one I chose because I love French bulldogs, but even more I love the immediate openness and heart she has brought to it - a particular openness and heart I myself have found in this city, in so many of its creatures.  She can bring that to your pet too.  Contact her through the Duchess of Downtown Tours website.  Maybe you should come on down to the Art Bus tour this Third Thursday.

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