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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

beware of the dog

thanks wikipedia and contributor "britkemp" (PD)
At the 19th-century Chateau de Keriolet in Concarneau, France, pass warily.  The Neo-Gothic castle is protected by this faux-medieval guard, whose relief banner reads Cave Canem (beware of the dog).  A tidbit about this castle: it was owned by the widow of the Russian Prince Yusupov (one of Rasputin's assassins), who bought it as a gift for her new, young French husband, a fellow named Chaveau.  Imagine her surprise when he passed on not so long after their marriage, leaving the beautiful Chateau to his mistress.  Her great-grandson writes a bit about it on this page of his memoirs, and you may believe the Princess got her own back.  Hooray.  Meanwhile, I can't help but think the guard dog above should actually say Beware of the People.

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