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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

two rabbits with a bunch of stuff

thanks wikimedia commons. public domain.
Here are Zwei Kaninchen in einem umgestülpten Korb mit einer Blaumeise auf einer Sonnenblume.  What a mouthful!  It means "Two rabbits in an upturned basket with a blue tit on a sunflower."  This genre piece by the German painter Johann Amandus Winck (1748-1817) probably wasn't titled when created, so somebody made do with a string of description.  The titmouse, and by extension the coal tit and blue tit, were sacred and auspicious creatures to Germans.  Rabbits were very often fertility symbols, so I wonder if this pretty piece was actually a good-luck present to a woman expecting, or a positive thought to a house that wanted children.

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