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Thursday, March 05, 2015

the triumph of olive

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Abigail Goad of Wisconsin grew up in a household where "Our pets were equals to anyone else in the family," and every living thing had its name, respect, and appreciation.  Mix in the family love for old sci-fi and Nintendo, and you have AbbyRoseStudios on Etsy - where animals are portrayed with might and tenderness by an artist who isn't afraid of bold graphics when it suits.
This is Goad's The Triumph of Olive, a portrait in archival print of her pittie-mix soul mate/muse.  She guards Goad's feet as she creates work, and seems to have a thing for pencils (perhaps Olive was a draftsman in another life?).  When you have that kind of devotion behind you it can't help but show in what you do, so Olive deserves a heroic portrait all her own.
Have a look too at the artist's website, abbyrosestudios.com.

**Late breaking edit - I want to add this great statement from Abigail Goad!**
My name is Abigail and I run Abby Rose Studios with my best friend Olive the pit bull. I make animal themed artwork of which a percentage of the profits from every sale goes towards animal welfare and rescue groups.
Olive is the inspiration behind Abby Rose Studios. She is a beautiful little red nosed pup that was abused and neglected so badlywhen she was 5 months old that nobody knew if she would make it. She ended up surviving and now the artwork I have done of her and many other beautiful pups is being sold world round and is helping other animals in need survive and find their forever homes.

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