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Thursday, April 30, 2015

cat helmet

found at http://discardingimages.tumblr.com/post/117694644983/kitty-crested-helmet-zurich-armorial-zurich-ca
Yes, I found this manuscript illustration over at one of my favorite Tumblrs, Discarding Images, and I couldn't resist. Assuming this magnificent helmet truly existed, I wish I could have seen it. Seems a little top heavy, but who cares? Oh, wait, here's one.  (Citation as given at the site:  Found in a Zürich armorial, Zürich ca. 1340, Zürich, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum, AG 2760, fol. 1r.) I see this is a lion rampant (both paws raised to strike) or sejant erect, if he's supposed to be on his haunches- would you like to learn more about possible lion poses?  Perhaps your family crest has a lion in it, or you're designing one.  Wikipedia has a page on all your possible lions.

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