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Monday, April 06, 2015

various methods of dispatch

From a whimsical book on the Cat in general, dating from the mid 1800's, comes this reflection on how various animals dispatch their prey:
The Cat is reproached with treachery and cruelty, but Bigland argues that the artifices which it uses are the particular instincts which the all-wise Creator has given it, in conformity with the purposes for which it was designed. Being destined to prey upon a lively and active animal like the mouse, which possesses so many means of escape, it is requisite that it should be artful; and, indeed, the Cat, when well observed, exhibits the most evident proofs of a particular adaptation to a particular purpose, and the most striking example of a peculiar instinct suited to its destiny.
Every animal has its own way of killing and eating its prey. The fox leaves the legs and hinder parts of a hare or rabbit; the weasel and stoat eat the brains, and nibble about the head, and suck the blood; crows and magpies peck at the eyes; the dog tears his prey to pieces indiscriminately; the Cat always turns the skin inside out like a glove.
-- From Charles Henry Ross, The Book of Cats (London: Griffith and Farran, 1868), p. 50

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that is great, i really appreciate your effort. i am just loving it Lost and found