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Friday, May 22, 2015

it's friday. here's "sunday morning"

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist  
I always say black cats are the hardest to portray, whether via photo or brush.  Yet here's "Sunday Morning" by Ontario artist Christy Obalek, an assured watercolor capture of a black kitty sleeping and shining in the sun.  The face is so well modeled that you can see right where the fur texture changes on the nose - that smooth patch right before the nose leather.  Then there's the sleepy puff of the muzzle, bristling with white whiskers.  When I see Veronica sleeping, it's tempting to reach out and rub her muzzle with my fingertip as her breath puffs in and out, and I find I want to do the same here.
Christy Obalek also creates pet commissions, so if you have a black cat you'd like to capture in watercolor for posterity - or a black dog, a white cat, even a couple of hungry kittens - check out her Etsy shop.  And check out her darling rock hyrax.

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