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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

a flask-dog, ancient greece

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, museum accession. www.metmuseum.org. OASC

This terracotta dog has been making this sassy face since the 2nd - 1st century BC, and for a good reason: he's an askos, a Greek flask for pouring small amounts (think an oil cruet, or soy sauce).  You can learn more about him here at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Meanwhile, I'll sit here and envy anyone who had such a great little mutt pot.


parlance said...

I love it when I see ancient artefacts that show people made life good for themselves by surrounding themselves with whimsical or beautiful everyday objects. Makes our plastic containers look so boring.

curator said...

I agree. How wonderful it would be if we could surround ourselves with useful and charming things like this!