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Saturday, October 31, 2015

z is for zombi

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Four years ago here at the Museum I told the story of the English poet Robert Southey and how a certain black cat came to live in his house.  That cat - named "The Zombi" - is the star of this woodcut by Philadelphia artist Martha Knox.  (You can buy it here at her Etsy shop.)  I bet this is exactly what The Zombi looked liked, too, when he got to his new house:  a little scared, a lot indignant, and ready to raise some hell.
Knox is the proprietor of Words on Woodcuts Press, an art educator, and wood block printmaker whose work has been exhibited regularly at the Delaware Museum of Art and a number of other locations.  She has a beautiful alphabet gift book out this year, "Cats A-Z," which is where you'll find our fellow above and a number of other well-lettered felines (such as J for Jeoffry).  You can get the book here at Words On Woodcuts.

Happy Halloween, Museum friends!

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