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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

the fat cat observes hors d'oeuvres

statens museum for kunst/national gallery of denmark, inventory #KKS6914.  (PD)
Holiday snacking, right?  No wonder I'm on a Niels Skovgaard Fat Cat (Tykke Kat) kick.  Here the Cat is scoping out a group of girls (he eats them) and a flock of birds (he eats them).  You get the theme.  Don't be too upset.  Everyone gets out of the Cat's tum in the end, none the worse for wear, and very little wear to their "host."  I have one more of these I want to share this week.  Stay tuned!  Don't you like how deft and lyrical Skovgaard's lines are?  These are pen and ink sketches, whipped out with hardly a misstep.

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Bernadette said...

I do love the style.