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Saturday, March 26, 2016

dude! what did a guinea pig ever do to you?

a repeat image. RIP carlisle xx
1900:  Dear Mr. Pet Care Book Writer, tell us what you think of the guinea pig.

"Guinea-pigs are harmless, stupid,  restless little animals with very few of the attractions of other pets. They show no affection for anybody, and will see their young torn to pieces before their eyes without showing any concern. Their advantages as pets are their ability to keep themselves clean, the fact that they are good at shifting for themselves, and that they are gentle and harmless for children to handle."

But wait! I didn't add the quote (from a young owner, I am sure) that kicked off this paragraph!
"Don't pick a guinea-pig up by the tail or its eyes will drop out. — Tim."

Did I miss a period where cavies were out of fashion?  This (unintentionally hilarious) quote was found on page 101 of:  Biggle, J. (1900). Biggle pet book: a collection of information for old and young whose natural instincts teach them to be kind to all living creatures. Philadelphia: W. Atkinson.

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