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Sunday, March 06, 2016

sketchy cat 1893

Sketch of seated cat in An 1893 sketchbook, 1893, Christchurch, by Petrus van der Velden.
Gift of W. Fergusson Hogg, 1967. Te Papa (1967-0017-8/57-63). With permission.
What a simple treat.  This sketch by Petrus van der Velden is another find from the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa).  Van der Velden (1837-1913) was a Dutch artist who emigrated to New Zealand relatively late in life at 53, and was known for dramatic landscapes of his adopted country.  Here, though, he's taking a moment to move a nimble hand over his sketchbook to catch a kitty in half-alert pose.  He's even remembered the whiskers, provided by two dashes.  I can almost hear the scritch of graphite as he loops round to make a leg or dashes in a stripe.

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