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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

the baronet's dog

thanks wikimedia commons {PD US no notice}
William Dobson (1611-46) may not have lived very long, but made the most of his brief time on earth.  He is considered by some art historians as one of the first major and notable British painters, and you can see why in this portrait of Sir Richard Fanshawe, 1st Baronet.  The dog is there as the usual symbol of loyalty, but the way that greyhound is half up in his master's lap and holding paws with him is tender.  Sir Richard was a diplomat and a poet, a life which would require a great deal of awareness and sensitivity, and he looks like he had it.  His dog would know.

Here's the first four lines of a poem Sir Richard wrote, "A Rose."
Blown in the morning, thou shalt fade ere noon. 
What boots a life which in such haste forsakes thee? 
Thou'rt wondrous frolic, being to die so soon, 
And passing proud a little colour makes thee.

You may read the rest here at Bartleby.com.


parlance said...

I'm not sure any of our current political leaders or diplomats even know what a poem is, let alone write one. In Australia, I mean. I'm sure your diplomats are poets, lol.

curator said...

Oh man, Parlance, I KNOW you've been watching our political news over here...I don't know WHAT any of our diplomats are. ;)