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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

mistaken? yet beautiful

thanks vintageprintable.com (PD)
This serene and elegant natural history illustration was labeled as a Doberman, but I think otherwise.  Not only does this creature not resemble any Doberman I've ever seen, but the inscription at the side reads "Canis venaticus Tunicus."  My usual rough Latin translation is coming up with "Hunting dog, Tunisian."  (Got a correction?  Seriously, tell me.)  So - a saluki, an Afghan Hound?  In any case, worth the moment's savoring.  If the actual piece glows like this illustration, it might be on parchment.  Look too at how fresh those colors remain after what I'm betting is at least a couple centuries, if not three.

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Anonymous said...

The image is of a sighthound. You can tell by the 'tuck-up' - also called small waisted, it is when the body has a shallower body depth at the loin.