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Thursday, August 25, 2016

field trip: new friends at nashi orchards

all photos mine
Yesterday our departmental team went on our yearly staff retreat.  This year our destination was Vashon Island's Nashi Orchards, creators of delicious and unusual craft ciders.  
We met their sheep and watched them get a snack...

...then owner Jim Gerlach gave us a tour and an interesting talk about the grounds and the process.  

We proceeded to the open-air tasting room, where we met the official greeters: the orchard's three Bouvier de Flanders, only two of which I managed to snap.  
They were hot, but calm and happy to see us.

We were happy to see them, too.

We sampled the three unusual, delicious ciders made by Nashi, and while we couldn't bring home a lamb or a huge friendly dog, we could bring home...

Seriously, if you see this anywhere, try it.


parlance said...

I love drinking ciders.

Anonymous said...

Parlance, I wish you could have been with us. Perhaps someday I will be back in Australia (I lived there for a year as a child) and treat you to one! - curator