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Thursday, October 20, 2016

"tis good to watch"

thanks archive.org; not in copyright (PD)
This is a page of illustrated mottos, found in a book published in 1735 by Richard Ware.  Here's the whole title (take a  deep breath):
Emblems, for the entertainment and improvement of youth: containing hieroglyphical and enigmatical devices, relating to all parts and stations of life: together with explanations and proverbs in French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin, alluding to them and translated into English : the whole curiously engrav'd on 62 copper plates
Do you have a saying that keeps you going through the tough times?  Perhaps you would find it in this book and have a convenient emblem to keep in your sight for the encouragement thereof.  Here's a couple that struck my fancy from the page above:

13, a rabbit on the edge of its burrow: 'Tis good to watch.

7.  A hog among flowers: They do not suit well.

Anything here that speaks to you?

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