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Friday, January 27, 2017

a dog is used for vengeance, armenia ad 1077

A sad and violent proceeding, I'm afraid.  The tale below was but one part of a series of struggles  between the medieval Armenians and the Greeks.  Here we learn of the exiled Gagik II of Armenia seeking revenge against Marcus, a leading clergyman of the city of Cesarea, who openly criticized the Armenian people one time too many.
A. D. 1077.
The Greeks increasing in their hostilities against the Armenians, assassinated them whenever they had an opportunity. . .
The exiled Gagik, horror-struck at these enormities, and annoyed by the blasphemies which the Greeks were in the continual habit of uttering against the Armenians, went to the regions of Cesarea, burning with hatred against the oppressors of his country.
Marcus the metropolitan of Cesarea was one of the bitterest of the enemies of the Armenians, calling them contemptuously dogs whenever he had occasion to speak of them. He had a huge dog which lived in his palace,and was named Armen. Gagik having heard of this, took his measures, and with a few attendants, set out for the metropolitan's palace. He was received by Marcus with great respect, and a feast was given the evening of his arrival. During the course of the entertainment Gagik desired to see the dog, and Marcus was obliged to introduce it before Gagik and to call it by the name of Armen. On Gagik enquiring why he was thus named, Marcus replied, "he is but a puppy, and on that account we call him Armen."  (Armenia = is like a weak upstart puppy, see? - curator) Hereupon Gagik gave a sign, and his attendants seizing the dog put him in a large bag, which they had prepared.
Then they bound the servants, and seizing the metropolitan put him in the same bag with the dog and fastened it. They proceeded then to beat the dog, which becoming furious, attacked the metropolitan and bit him until he died in consequence. They then plundered the palace and retreated to Cesarea.
Ugh.  Poor dog.  Poor metropolitan.  Gargik II was ultimately betrayed again and met his death.

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parlance said...

Ugh. Humans are such a horrible species at times. Can you imagine a dog thinking of doing that?