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Saturday, March 04, 2017

japanese pet cemeteries, personally

I don't speak Japanese, but that's all right.  I know the family has come to visit the resting place of their kitty Neko-chan.  I watch them give mindful respect on the way in, and then, full of memories, wander along the shelves of other people's pets, chuckling.  Why would anyone laugh at a pet cemetery?  Because they - and we - recognize the love and joy behind all those little ash canisters, all those toys and snacks and photos, and we laugh a little in communion.  Please enjoy this gentle short home video I found of a family's visit to Hirasawa's pet cemetery.
If you're interested in what the largest pet cemetery in Japan might look like, that would be within Jindaiji Temple in western Tokyo; here's a well-illustrated blog post from JapanVisitor.
For a truly personal and close look at a Japanese family giving their furry one a grand sendoff in 2009, I'd like to send you to this article.  Do note that there are closeups of post-cremation cat bones being handled with elegance and grace; I found it brought tears of appreciation to my eyes, but if you feel otherwise, please don't make yourself unhappy.


Everycat said...

This is a beautiful post, so gentle and also interesting!

Hope all curators at The Pet Museum are well

Mungo & Jet xx >^..^<

curator said...

Mungo and Jet and all my friends at the Everycat residence! What a great pleasure to hear from you! I hope you are all well and happy. With love, Curator and the staff.