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Friday, March 10, 2017

more monastic pets

By now you've heard about Friar Bigoton, or "Brother Mustache," the newest member of the Franciscan community in Bogota.  His actual name is Carmelo.  He's a schnauzer by the look of it, and wears a habit well.  His adoption came about thanks to a rescue group in hopes more religious communities might take in homeless pets.  What better home than a monastery or convent for creatures who give the purest of love?
Of course I went looking for whatever I could find on other monastic pets, and came up with this jewel:  a post on the cats of various religious communities in Russia.  It filled me with delight; I hope you enjoy it too.
 -- Late-breaking edit!  Here's a 2015 post on a cat close to my own stomping grounds: Hammi of Vashon Island WA's All-Merciful Savior Monastery.

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