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Saturday, April 01, 2017

the true tale of the cat with a fire brigade medal

thanks british library (PD)

A CAT WITH A FIRE-BRIGADE MEDAL. Sir, — A lady friend of mine had a very favourite cat, named "Peter." One night she left him in his usual sleeping-place, and went to her own room. Not long after she heard a noise at her door — scratching and other sounds, which she knew must come from the cat — and took no notice of it at first ; but as it continued, she opened her door, upon which the cat immediately turned and walked down straight to the kitchen, followed by his mistress, who, to her dismay, saw that the legs of the table were on fire! She started at once to the station of the fire-brigade — not waiting for bonnet or shawl — (about five minutes' walk). The engine came and extinguished the fire, and the fire-brigade presented the cat with a medal, which it wore always hung round its neck. This took place in Brighton. The station of the fire-brigade is in West Hill Road, where this story can be verified. The cause of the fire was traced to the fact of the fire in the grate having been raked out as usual, some of the hot cinders had reached the wood-flooring, and the table was not far off. — I am, Sir, &c., Esther Wells. August 31, 1895.

-- from Strachey, J. St. Loe. (1896). Cat and bird stories from the "Spectator": to which are added sundry anecdotes of horses, donkeys, cows, apes, bears, and other animals, as well as of insects and reptiles. London: T. Fisher Unwin. 46.  I found West Hill Road in Brighton on Google Maps - it's a very short road - but I didn't see the fire brigade building.  

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