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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

and then the cat came in

thanks the-athenaeum.org. PD
But wait.  Here's Konrad Krzyzanowski and the family again in a 180-degree turnaround from the mood of the last portrait.  This is "The Artist's Wife with a Cat," (Portret zony z kotem) of 1912, and Mrs. K has about had it with something.  With posing?  With the dark evening? With Konrad himself? She's in white once more, but now she's folded up into herself twice, legs and arms crossed against the hard edges of the green sofa.  (Compare this to the chair's dissolving edge in the last portrait we saw.)  Lines have been drawn here, and not just to portray the furniture.
Meanwhile, the family cat sits there like a mischievous imp, as though it were all about him or her.  I want to say "her," probably because my black cat is female.  Confident and sassy, Kitty provides a tart strike of humor in this moody piece.

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