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Friday, May 26, 2017

feline fine with tessa worley...and a Pet Museum announcement!

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Eugene artist Tessa Worley has a light, clean-lined, joyful style.  I find it a perfect mix of modern approach and timeless sweetness, as you see above in her print "Feline Fine."  (Have a look at this Gainsborough series of cat studies for the timeless part! See what I mean?  Are you feline fine too?  Then you can pick up this happy print at Worley's Etsy shop, Fox and Bear Paper Co.)

That is why she was my final artist of choice for the newest Pet Museum project - pet votives based on the 7-day saints' candles.  Though you could light these in memory of a beloved dog or cat, they also serve perfectly for a new-puppy gift, or simply because your pet makes you happy.  Shine a little light!  Here's Worley's perfect work, two watercolors that I commissioned from her specially:

copyright 2017 the pet museum 

copyright the pet museum

The back label is also a work of art.  I'll post that tomorrow or Sunday.

I asked Tessa Worley about her work, and here's her statement:
Watercolor and illustration are a type of creative therapy for me. More specifically, illustrating animals brings so much joy to my everyday life. I feel lucky to do what I do and get so much fulfillment out of the various projects I have my hands in. This project with The Pet Museum meant a lot to me because I, like so many others, have experienced pet loss and the lasting devastation that comes with that. These votives are a thoughtful way to remember our old friends and a reminder to stay in the present moment with the animals that are still with us.

These watercolors, immediate, simple, heartfelt, were exactly what I wanted.  My great thanks to Tessa Worley!  Stay tuned, all.

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tazarat said...

So awesome! Can't wait to see them.