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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


www.metmuseum.org. Rogers Fund, 1939
Mesopotamia, 8th - 7th century B.C.  Standing all of 2.75 inches tall, this bronze figurine was most likely a votive offering to the goddess Gula.  Gula began as Bau, the goddess of dogs (how do you like that onomatopoeia?), but over time people noticed that when dogs licked your sores, they seemed to heal better.  New job for Bau:  Gula, deity of healing.  Someone long ago either needed some healing or was grateful for it, and brought this pleasant little gesture of a sculpture to a temple as a please or thank you.


Roby Sweet said...

Interesting! I never knew any of this.

curator said...

I didn't either till pretty recently! BTW did you know the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an incredible trove of their publications available online? I got to do some excellent research that way.

parlance said...

That is gorgeous. For some reason it gives me hope for the human race, that the love of another species has reached across time to us.