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Friday, June 09, 2017

be here meow with krista brooks

all images copyright and by kindest permission of krista brooks
Krista Brooks creates pet-themed images with a particular flair: the bright colors and optimistic, direct appeal found in advertisements and graphics of days gone by.  "Zen Kitty," above, was the first of hers I'd ever seen, and it's perfect.  It's fresh and full of peace and nature, and yet it's up to the minute with its popping pink motto exhorting us to "Be Here Meow."  It does make me want to be here meow.  You know I can never see one thing I like by an artist without finding out more.  That's how I ended up at Brooks' site, Retro Pets.

If there were Sweet Little King apples or pears, this would be the crate label for them.  To give you a sense of how well she captures the feel of the genre, here's a vintage fruit crate label for comparison.
At Brooks' site you can watch a short video telling the story of how Retro Pets came to be. It came organically:  she moved to New Mexico from Boston with a bag of clothes and art supplies, and one day afterward a friend asked her to paint his dog.  So she did, in the way she loved best - as a retro-style label.  That was a hit (and deservedly, as you will see).  Encouraged, she did a few more like that and showed locally, and then word and image got out to all our mutual joy.
Last but not least,  I have to share my favorite, which I am tempted to place prominently in the Museum kitchen:

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