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Friday, July 28, 2017

rat radish

Acquired by William T. or Henry Walters, before 1899 (?) thewalters.org
The most elegant daikon you've ever seen, I'll bet. And its rodent rider is equally so.  All we know about the creator is that it was "Komarujo of Mikawachi," that is, a woman at the Mikawachi kilns on the island of Hirado in Japan.  Dated from the late 19th century, this piece shows the stylistic hallmarks of classic Hirado ware: the purest white porcelain with blue detailing.  By the time this was made, much Hirado ware was exported to eager buyers in the West.  Learn more about Hirado ware here.
I think this radish is the one known as ibuki-daikon (rat daikon), but it should have more of a "tail."  Still, knowing that makes this piece a little wittier.  It's a rat on a rat-radish!

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