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Monday, July 10, 2017

rosa bonheur paints a formal portrait

thanks the-athenaeum.org (PD)
This reminds me of nothing so much as Velaquez's Portrait of Juan de Pareja.  Same immediate impact, same dignity.  A couple of centuries later in 1879, here's Rosa Bonheur presenting us with her friend Barbouyo.  He may have been hers, or not.  I have been paging through a book published in 1910 of Bonheur's Reminiscences in hopes of finding reference to this breed, or even this particular dog.  I think he looks like a German wirehaired pointer. No luck on the particular identification, but I have gathered that she was very fond of dogs and animals in general - no surprise when you recall Bonheur is the painter of the majestic The Horse Fair (which you'll find in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

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