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Friday, April 06, 2007

the mug shot was fuzzy

From weirdasianews.com:

Attention, Guangzhou residents. Be on the lookout for a big white dog who steals cellphones.
A man surnamed Huang who lives in Guangzhou’s Panyu District found a white dog in his home on Monday morning. Huang wasn’t concerned about how the dog had entered at first, and his daughter also wanted to play with it.

But when the dog saw the cellphone that Huang had put on his tea table, it immediately took it into its mouth and ran off.

Local police later told Huang the dog had been trained by thieves and was actually a “hardened criminal”.

* * *
Okay, but on the flip side, I never knew that the World Cup Soccer trophy had been stolen in 1966 and found by a Jack Russell called Pickles. That story here.

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