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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

critters in the city

On Sunday we went to Seattle for the afternoon to browse through Pike Place Market and Elliott Bay Bookstore. At an antiques store next to the Market I found a cache of antique fruit, cigar, and other labels. I'd seen this one before . . .

. . . but not this one.
Mm! Nothing says yummy sweet potatoes like a possum, huh? I laughed.

We ate our sandwiches in Victor Steinbrueck Park, where we made a bunch of new, feathery, kind of fat little friends. We ripped bits off our grilled bread and flicked them over. Don't let their rotundity fool you - those sparrows are fast.

This is painted on the wall of a garage on 2nd Avenue. Look carefully, that's a round mouse.


parlance said...

It's a strange thing, but sparrows are not as prevalent here in Melbourne as they used to be. I think there must be some predator growing in numbers, or it could be that climate change (which used to be known as 'the drought' till we woke up that it wasn't going away) has forced competitors in from the bush.

Whicky Wuudler said...

In the UK, house sparrows have been in decline too, they used to be everywhere.

I love commercial art featuring animals. That primitive cat and mouse on the wall are great!

Fin said...

I guess nothing says cigars like a fluffy white cat either.

I'm adding you to the humans I enjoy list on my blog roll, dear curator, you make me laugh!