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Friday, March 13, 2009

"i'm johann and i'm a green dog!"

He's actually, to look at him, a shiny shaggy black dog with a white bib. But make no mistake, Johann is a green dog, for he (through the medium of his human) is fully committed to a light step upon the earth. (I reflect that this is quite different from the Museum's resident canine, who clacks around like a Shetland pony - he does get yummy organic biscuits though.)

Johann is the spokesdog for the Raise a Green Dog! blog, an awesomely full and comprehensive site with all the help you could need on Green, eco-friendly dog ownership and care. There's a few helpful tidbits thrown in for the human types as well, in case you're looking for that better lightbulb or environmentally responsible gardening choices. Otherwise it's wonderful new toys and treats and collars and beds and smart ways to live in friendship with our natural resources. Wow. I am very impressed.

Plus, their cartoon mascot "Eco" is a stone-cold green-spotted cutie.

Don't you find it interesting how the Romantic awe of nature from a couple of centuries ago has taken on this friendly, cooperative (and necessary) face? Just a thought.

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