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Monday, August 31, 2009

okay - another cat post

Yay, a better version of the beautiful Bobaloo pic is back!

I can't resist a glorious shot of my old tuxedo friend Bobaloo in his garden. Summer will pass by all too quickly now, and nasturtiums will fade, and senior tux kitties will not care to sit in the pouring rain. So here is this moment. Enjoy.

-- image courtesy and copyright Michael McGuire


Fin said...

I will never be sick of a cat post Curator. Tuxie boys make me swoon.

Michael M said...

Thanks Fin! I will let Bobaloo know he has a fan. Not that it means much to him and his tux-Ego! ha ha!

Everycat said...

Handsome lad that Bobaloo.

curator said...

I always tell him that when I visit!

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Anonymous said...
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