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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a writer's cat: tascha

image by kindest permission of the artist

We have delighted in Tascha before here at The Pet Museum. Here's one of hers that is keeping my writing spirits up even on the toughest days. It's "Blue Typewriter Art Writer Girl with Black Cat," a print from its original acrylic on canvas, dated 2010.

Here's Tascha herself to say a little something:
I am a big time animal lover with a particular fondness for cats. I have one siamese cat named Lily. I grew up with cats my whole life. As an only child the cats were my brothers and sisters. As an adult with no kids, the cats have been my children.
I used to have a portable typewriter that very color. But even these days when I am either keyboarding away or wiggling my favorite black pen in the air, Elizabeth comes to watch. To cheer me on? To tell me it's time to feed her? It simply makes me happy that she's there - and Tascha understands what that feels like.


Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Love this! Tascha does beautiful work! :)

tascha said...

Blue typewriters are the best!
Cats love to be muses as we work :)
Thanks for showing my art!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

ahhhh a blogging cat, back in the day!

Cate said...

The kitty looks envious of the red bows - great art!

Julia Williams said...

This is so precious! My heart cat Belle will lay on my desk with her paws touching my left hand. She does not seem to mind that her paws go up and down as I type. LOL. It's very endearing.