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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

vintage photo time, now with chipmunk

thanks for these, ampersand

These were developed in January of 1960, so no doubt they were actually taken in a warmer, drier month, but yay, what's more cheering in January than chipmunks?  This one is wild and free, but one does see the occasional pet 'munk . . . like this one on YouTube.  Keep the wild ones wild.  If you simply must have a domestic chipmunk (must you?) be sure to read helpful care pages such as this.


Jorge Ramiro said...
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Jorge Ramiro said...

Oh man, a chipmunk, that's great. I had a cheapmonk when I was young. Last time I went to Buenos Aires and the city was full of chipmunks. I have stayed in a Buenos Aires temporary rent apartment. It was awsome, man, just awsome.