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Monday, April 29, 2013

speaking of catnaps: kaslkaos' sunbaked cat

Artist retains copyright, posted here with permission
This is Rambo when he was twelve pounds heavier.  I'm sure his almost fish-shaped outline came from the devoted intake of many a finned creature!  But due to a needed diet he's too skinny to rest like this now and has to settle for a side stretch.  So reports artist (and his devoted owner) Ingrid Schmelter of Kaslkaos Art and Design.  Schmelter lives in Ontario, Canada, and is a graduate of that city's College of Art.  Now she works in a number of different mediums illuminating the natural world around her - a world that includes the wonders of a "Sunbaked Cat," as she titled this print.  I love those feet: perfect curls of contentment above, stretched heat-seeking toes below.  You'll find it and lots more at her Etsy shop.  She often chooses to layer images and textures, resulting in a rich viewing experience as you look for all the elements, and her color sense is similarly deep and soothing.  Yet she whips out such character-filled work as Rambo's nap above with only black and white!  You'll see.

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