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Thursday, May 16, 2013

introducing raissa markewycz - and marv

image copyright and by kindest permission of  the artist
This is Marv, brand new and still on the easel (the easel's cropped out).  In real life he belongs to a friend of Raissa Markewycz, a Seattle artist whom, full disclosure, happens to be a co-worker and friend of mine.  I think this piece shows her love of texture and her insight into her subject's self.  Though I haven't met Marv yet, I can tell from his portrait that he's a soulful fellow who takes riding pickup-shotgun in great earnest, as if it were a dearly earned privilege.  I'll ask Raissa if he's a rescue or shelter dog, since I get the feeling he may be.
I really like the honesty, power and tenderness of this painting.  Maybe you're wanting a portrait like this?  You and your pet would love meeting Raissa.  Right now you can contact her via the Museum at thepetmuseum AT gmail.com - I'll update contact info soon.

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parlance said...

That's a lovely portrait.