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Monday, October 20, 2014

the charge: teaching the dog french

In which for some reason one William Paget was brought to account for broadening his dog's horizons...(Extra fun with the period spelling.)
Among Lord Burleigh's papers, in the British Museum (and of a date between 1571 and 1598), there is "An abstract of the Depositions sworn, touching one William Paget," who "went up and down teaching his dogg frenche":
"Maria Carter, a gentlewoman, sayeth, that she did hear the said Paget saye, that he would teache his dogg to speake frenche."
"William Poyser, yeoman, sayeth, that he heard Paget say, that he would make his dogg speake as good frenche as any of them."
"James Hudson sayeth, that standing at his master's door, he did heare Paget speak to his dogg in a strange language, but what language he knew not."
"Edward, a groser, heard Paget say, 'I will teach my dogg to speake frenche,' and was talking to his dogg in frenche."
The result of this charge is not given.
From Dog Life, Narratives Exhibiting Instinct, Intelligence, Fidelity, Sympathy, Attachment, and Sorrow. (London: 1875) p. 239

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