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Sunday, March 29, 2015

fantabulous bunnies. invisible toast.

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Portland, OR photographer Patricia Rubinelli of Invisible Toast Photography has, quite simply, one of the most delightful artist's statements I've ever read.  Mind you, this is a person with impeccable artist chops - glass work in Seattle, fine art degree from Southern Methodist University, residency in Woodstock, lives on a vintage houseboat on the Columbia River.  Seeing all this (and frankly feeling a little outgunned as your friendly Curator with her friendly little blog), I did not expect to run across cheer and friendliness like this (from her Etsy "About Me":)
A bunch of incredible strokes of luck later, I wound up working in the most highly regarded glass studios in Seattle, WA. I had photographed light refractions through glass containers for years so even though this seems like a jump it really wasn't that far off.
Moving next to New York City, and the mountains of upstate New York, I focused primarily on my glass career.
They took over everything. I was ready to scrap my glass career to be able to stay home and play with them all day. I didn't really see a bright financial future in that plan, but they were so cute it didn't matter. Anyone who has bunnies should understand this and back me up.
 While I may not have any bunnies "on staff," I will back that up all day, Museum friends.  And that was before I looked through her page's slideshow.  Then I noticed her list of materials for the piece above:
 Photography, White Angora Bunny, Nuage (the white bunny - curator), Mini Rex Rabbit, Bells (the brown bunny - c), Live Bunny Models, Spoiled Rotten Rabbit, Cageless Bunnies, Free Range Bunny Rabbits, stormy sky, dramatic clouds
It works.  Rubinelli's medium is not only photography, but feeling, investment in these beloved creatures, and the technical and artistic ability to bring some of that inner landscape to share with you.  Please have a look at her Etsy shop, and don't miss that slideshow.

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