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Monday, July 13, 2015

monday morning dogs

It's been a while since I was able to to bring you all some contemporary art.  You know I like to get proper permissions before I post, and I've been busy with prep work for the first Pet Museum book collection (ooh! foreshadowing!).  However, I've found some lovely dog portraits via Reddit*, and wanted to share (I usually have no idea what their names are - Reddit uses aliases).

Dog of Bruges, a very well executed oil
Touted merely as  "A pencil drawing of my girlfriend's dog" but worthy of great praise
Nirit Levav Packer's sculptures, created from bicycle parts - jolly and clever
"My old dog Bruno," done in a style that looks like the great public murals of the 30's - simple, solid form with lots of presence and a dry fresco-like look to the color
...and then this guy who painted a copy of a Velazquez portrait starring his dog

*Yeah, I still look at Reddit even after all the recent brouhaha

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