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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

skate free lil hedgie

image copyright and by kindest courtesy of Shirley Harvey Art
Montreal artist Shirley Harvey has created a colorful miniature world in which domestic and wild collide.  Anything can happen in her bright little watercolors, and does, as you see above in  Hedgehog on a Skateboard.  She writes, "I love life to intrigue, surprise, delight, make me chuckle and be beautiful. I believe wholeheartedly art should do the same."  Visit her Etsy shop, ShirleyHarveyArt, and she'll make that happen for you.  Will it be the frog on a hopper toy? (Do they make those for grownups?  I really miss those.)  The Segway rat?  The karaoke hamster (he's so soulful!)?  What does freedom and pleasure look like for these little beings?  Shirley Harvey makes you realize that it may or may not be a tiny skateboard, but you wish them to have that joy, whatever it may be.

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