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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"the little dog," a poem from 1850

thanks karenswhimsy (PD)
Here's a bit of doggerel (bwah, hah) that I plan to include in the next Pet Museum book. . .

I like to see a little dog,
And pat him on his head,
So prettily he wags his tail,
Whenever he is fed.

Some little dogs are very good,
And very useful too,
And do you know that they will mind,
What they are bid to do?

Then I will never beat my dog,
And never give him pain,  (oh good, that's nice - curator)
Poor fellow! I will give him food,
And he'll love me again.

(1850). My little hymn book. 4th ed. Boston: T.R. Marvin. 12-13

1 comment:

parlance said...

It's good to think that children were reading these poems and learning to care about companion animals. maybe we went wrong somewhere in the twentieth century? Or am I just in a low mood about humanity? Perhaps.