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Sunday, November 29, 2015

"cats scratching in my heart"

thanks thegraphicsfairy.com (PD)
It's the last day of a holiday weekend.  A dense frozen fog sits on your street like a grumpy relative.  You should get out, but it's slick and it's cold and the house still smells odd even though you cleaned it twice.  You are so sick of your couch.  Work tomorrow is going to be slammed and no one will be happy with you.  You are doomed, friend.  No wonder you have cats scratching in your heart.
. . . Wait, what?  Yes.  "Cats scratching in your heart" is an idiom I don't think we've seen here at the Museum yet.  It's Russian for "feeling down," thanks to my newly discovered toy OxfordWords Blog, and it's part of an article on cat idioms that includes other unknown-to-me-previously gems, along with a bunch I did know.    Go have fun.

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