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Saturday, April 02, 2016


thanks wikiart.org. PD
That's the first thing I thought when I saw this Boris Kustodiev piece - "How radiant that dog is!"  Then I noticed the man's face, and that his eyes showed a radiance of a different sort.  This is Kustodiev's "Portrait of Dr. S. Y. Lyubimov with Dog" (1905).  It's more sober in colorscheme than a great deal of his work, but the dog's dazzling coat and Lyubimov's ruddy complexion stand out all the more.  How trustingly this dog sits, clearly where he loves best to be.  Lyubimov has a gentle hand on his friend, but it feels to me like he's seeking grounding, even comfort, from his dog.  His gaze is patient and not unsympathetic, but clearly that of a man who has seen a great deal of human nature and still seeks knowledge. No surprise then that he wants his good dog to hand.  I always marvel at the emotion Kustodiev manages to get into his formal portraits, and this is no exception.

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