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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

and they get to keep their feet!

"All that's very well, but you'll never come across a fortune-telling rabbit in the bazaar—street space is too precious. I therefore left the bazaar and set out on foot toward the epicenter of Sultanahmet: the space between the Hajia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. "

This is a snippet from Kevin Dolgin's McSweeneys piece on Fortune-Telling Rabbits: Istanbul. A rabbit named Boncuk does eventually tell Kevin his fortune, but Kevin braves some disapproval and has a lollipop first. A small jewel of an adventure-let.

Lest you think "This is McSweeney's so it can't be true, just like that book Your Disgusting Head," here is somebody else's photo of bunnies divining the future. Told ya.

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